Dreamer. Wanderer. Artist.
It’s me, Isabelle. Barefoot lady who talks to birds. Who loves the wind and her morning coffee. Who sings out loud and still believes in magic. Perfectly imperfect, and that suits me just fine.
I have always been drawn to pictures, not only photographs, but images, expressions of a reality, as seen through the eyes of the artist. Paintings, drawings, photographs. I traded my 35mm for a DSLR and enjoy every minute of it. It’s an instant gratification to see the photo on the LCD screen. And also to have access to editing software to make the fun last a little longer…
I thrive on these fleeting moments where the love, joy, or soul shows. My artistic background is always showing through my photography work. Candid moments, soulful moods, unexpected places is what I want to capture. Always.
So nice to see you, I hope you stay for a while xox
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